Talking (to) Things

A comparative exploration of voice assistants as assistive technologies for blind people

This research project is about exploring the potential of voice assistant technologies for the blind as well people with visual impairments, the extent to which this technologies can provide and assist access to the world, and how their design could be improved to serve the specific needs of the target demographic.

Journal contains the research log since the beginning of the project. It holds major events, reflexions and decisions regarding this research endeavour. Under Findings and Output I gathered most of the more relevant products that emerged out of my work here. You’ll find some texts but also colloquia paper and a variety of presentations. All data I captured are to found under Research Data, such as interview transcripts, field notes and a handful of photos from the participatory observation.

This is the ever expanding project documentation and archive of a research project by Adrian Demleitner within the Master of Design at the HKB in Bern, Switzerland. It contains the data points, the coding and analysis of these, the theoretical base as well as context and the research log.

This archive is mirrored on the github repository thgie/Talking-to-Things.