Voice assistants as assistive technologies

These two interviews were specifically conducted to follow up and specify details on the comparison between assistive technologies and voice assistants.

Voice Assistants Extended

How do Voice Assistants mediate our access to the world, especially within the context of inclusion design. I wanted to gain insights into how voice assistants and assistive technologies compare.

Voice Assistant Basics

These interviews were held with representatives from households with two or more member without regards to the specific assemblage. It was important that the voice assistant is present as a electronic device within a socio-material situation. I was interested to see what place and role such a voice assistant will inherit within these assemblages.

Notes on Transcripts

Most Interviews were held in Swiss-German dialekt as this was the most natural way of talking. In the transcripts I opted for a translation into german to enable an easier and automated translations into other languages. As the analysis is mostly interested into the semantic content of what was said, as opposed to how it was said, I ommited expletive words and delay sounds.