Design Criticism

Mar 13, 2020

The Design Criticism Workshop was short, filled with fruitful discussions and two interesting outputs. I could persuade my team-members, Pauline and Karla, to focus on the design of technology and how it interferes with our lives. In the first exercise, we tried to critique digital technology and how it invades our time, unquestioned of its attempt to optimize our time. Thus the Manifesto on Time was born.

For our second exercise, in which we could sketch a speculative design project, I already had a plan what I would love to do. The Cycle Bowl is an amalgam of the complete removal of digital technology from a task, that is done with digital technology these days, and the wish to put it into a beautiful companion object. The project is inspired by my partners desire to know, where she is in her menstrual cycle, in order to start with a regime of herbal remedies to soften the blow of the period.

I liked the speculative aspects of both exercises. I was restraining myself from doing speculative tasks up to now, since I felt, that with that I just would take the easy way in this project. But I learned, that for now I’m researching on two fronts:

I will continue to work on both threads and see where I will be able to bring them together.

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