Research Zine Process

Feb 05, 2021

The last few days I also invested in creating material for the workshop with the experts (designers and crafts-people). My intention is to present them workable material without having to access a screen. Thus the Research Zine I - March 2021. In my experience you quickly lose people once they have to work with digital material. It’s just a different mode that needs a different mental state and few can switch quickly between these. We also have quite a lot of screen-time lately, don’t we?

This little workable zine is meant to spur the mind. In a moment of the workshop, I will leave the participants alone with it. They can take the time to dive in and pick up what they might find interesting. With an inspired mind and intuition, we will come back together to discuss what came up. More details about this process are found here: Expert Workshop I.

The zine contains some fundamentals about animism and the specific approach in this research project. It will then further concentrate on the findings, especially the Thematic Analysis as well as the different visual I gathered. The content is then accompagnied by quotes and fragments picked out of the research data as well as questions that I had and have.

Read more about it here: Research Zine I - March 2021.