BIRD NERD Conference 2021

The conference was held online, due to pandemic circumstances. That means it had more or less the same problem like Reclaim Futures 2020. The organisation was great, there were quite a lot of spectators, but interaction inbetween participants was reduced to a minimum.

BIRD New Experimental Research on Design 2021

I have to admit that the Q&A session after my presentation was really good. The questions got more or less just asked by the board members, and it seems like that they were quite keen to get into some details or had this or that recommendation.

For the first time in my life (!) I didn’t write the whole text in advance and then read it during the presentation. This time I just had an outline along which I made a slide-show. Both, and my application for the conference, can be access below. I reused parts of the presentation for my second colloquium.

BIRD NERD 2021 Presentation